"Please arrive wearing: Black leggings, fitted tank or t-shirt, heels, and nude lingerie" Sound familiar?

These are items any model must have for professional castings, shoots and runway shows. 

Have you ever been frustrated with an endless search for seamless lingerie that actually flatters, tight blank tanks and t-shirts that stay tight, along with the perfect heel which is easy to walk in and high enough?

Look no further! Stock up at model basics. to meet your model kit requirements, without breaking your bank or back! 

We strive to provide models with the best items for their kits at all stages of their careers. Each piece is tested & approved by models for runways, shoots and castings.

Your feedback is essential for us to provide you with the best pieces to pursue your modeling ambitions ❤️. Reach out to us anytime on our contact pageInstagram or Facebook

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