how can you become a model?

The best decision a model can make is to build up their model kit. This will ensure they’re prepared for any situation or occasion. A model never knows what will be required of him or her when he/she shows up at the casting or go-see. It’s best to cover as many bases as possible in this competitive industry!  

Tight Fitting Clothes

Models typically wear tight-fitting pants and tops in black and white to casting calls. Wearing coloured, patterned and/or ill-fitting clothes can detract from the model’s form. This is because the purpose of a model is to showcase clothing. A blank canvas helps a casting agent to use their imagination to decide if a model is right for the part.

The Right Shoes

Wearing heels to castings helps elongate the body, enhance posture and build confidence. Models usually walk in heels early on to practice standing and striding in heels of all heights and sizes. The model can then focus on the casting without being self-conscious of her walk. It will also help her to keep her eyes on the prize - a callback or a booking!   

A Beauty Routine

Every model knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We love it when a model can let her natural beauty shine through.

To promote good skin, self-care such as a good skincare routine and a healthy diet really help. Did we also mention beauty sleep?!

At casting calls, agents like to see your ‘base’, therefore makeup should be minimal and natural as possible.

Suitable Undergarments

While no easy feat, a model should acquire a variety of undergarments for their model kit whether they beg, borrow or buy (we recommend the latter!).

Undergarments should not contrast in colour with the designer’s clothes, or show visible panty lines. For example, a bra may need to be strapless, push-up and/or nude depending on the type of clothing the model is wearing.

Having the right set of undergarments means that the model looks professional and doesn’t lose his or her cool right before the show. Who wouldn’t want to re-book someone who shows up prepared and ready to roll (or own the catwalk)!

We’d love to know what’s in your model kit, as well as any tips and tricks you have for younger models.

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