#NZFW Fashion Photography with Brickandjim

Jim Huang is the man behind Brickandjim, a fashion and lifestyle photography company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Behind Jim's trusty Nikon, he's not afraid to tell a model where and how to pose. 

Jim's favourite New Zealand models are Holly Robertson from Red11, Lars Turbak from RPD Models, Georgia Vossen from Red11 and Ashley Carlson from Unique Model Management. He says that Holly is graceful and Lars is unique with a down-to-earth personality. He's impressed with Georgia's patience, and her range of movement. Ashley brightens the room, and her abilities are boundless. 

A no-no for Jim when working with models is rude behaviour towards others. In saying that, he hasn't encountered many models who have crossed this line. He expects models to be on time, and come prepared. He says that it's fun for the photographer when a model is creative with his or her expressions and movements. 

Jim's work is inspired by music, people, stories and philosophy. He admits that when it comes to clothes, he spends more time searching for vintage clothing than actually keeping up with trends. His favourite New Zealand menswear brand is Salasai

Recently, Jim went on a photography tour around the South Island of New Zealand, creating content for a number of New Zealand lifestyle brands. While challenging, he was able to capture more than just staged images - the reality of life and its emotions. 

Jim, thank you for sharing your world with us.  


model basics. xx 


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