#NZFW Makeup with Hrisoula Lilley

model basics. is headed to New Zealand Fashion Week from Monday 27 September to Sunday 2 September!

To kick things off, we chatted to New Zealand HMUA Hrisoula Lilley of Mural Beauty. Hrisoula will be backstage over the next week getting the models primed and prepped for the runway.  

1. How would you describe your makeup style? What about on the runway?
I love to create dewy and flawless skin. I then highlight the eyes or rock a bold lip with a winged eyeliner.

For the runway, glowing skin has been in for so many seasons now, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Highlighting the high points on one's face captures the light and can beautify any look.

I'm also a fan of gloss on the eyes. The only issue with this look is that there's no going back once the gloss is on, and you have a limited time to get 'the shot' as the gloss will begin to deteriorate the eyeshadow underneath.
2. When doing runway makeup, what are your go-to products? 

My go-tos are:
3. Your best tips and tricks for runway makeup preparation? 

Massaging the skin prior to applying any makeup can increase blood circulation and create a natural glowing look. This skin preparation should take approximately 10 minutes before applying runway makeup.
3. What's the difference between runway and photoshoot makeup? 

Runway makeup is sheer on the foundation front, with one to two elements added to compliment the brand's ethos. This could be anything from a bare face and a red lip, to bright yellow blown-out eyeshadow! 

For photoshoots, the makeup is more varied. Some are beauty focused, and others can be avant-garde with a left-field look.
4. Which NZFW show are you most looking forward to?

Stolen Girlfriends Club. They nail their shows every year.
5. What's the atmosphere like backstage? 

It's best described as organized chaos. There are several 'pods' where each makeup team is working their magic. If you delve into these pods, it can be insane. Sometimes a look that has been designed isn't coming together as planned so changes are happening on the fly. 

6. Your tips for model etiquette before the show? 
Be on time, hustle (aka run) if you need to. Being late is disrespectful to the makeup artist, the makeup brand sponsoring the show, and the designer.

The models should go with the flow and let the creatives do their thing. They can expect a makeup artist who is powering through so it may not be the chilled environment they are used to.

7. How should models prepare for the runway?

Preferably, come to make up with a clean face and no makeup.

Sometimes models are running from one show to another so they come with their last show's look still on. It's always nice for the model to offer to take his or her own makeup off while waiting their turn. 

8. Tell us what your favourite face mask is to keep you pepped during the craziness of NZFW?

Hydration is key! Sheet masks are the best when it comes to a quick and easy pick-me-up. I love the Dr. Dennis Gross and Mecca Cosmetica hydragel sheet mask ranges. 
Thank you Hrisoula for your beauty tips. We'll see you backstage!
model basics. xx 

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