#NZFW Model Focus: Polena Yi

We met Polena backstage at Jarrad Godman, and were instantly attracted to her calm and cool presence.  


This year you're walking for Jarrad Godman. What do you love the most about the brand?

Jarrad is so badass. His experimentation with patterns and unique designs is class!

What are model castings like in New Zealand?

Unlike fashion week castings overseas, the showing designers sit around a room as models from all different agencies show off their walks. The designers are there for hours. It's always so interesting to see the different models and whose looks are hot in the moment. 

Polena Backstage at Jarrad Godman

Getty Images - New Zealand Fashion Week

What's the best thing about being signed with Unique Model Management

Everyone is so friendly and sweet. Ursula and Andrea, the directors, are super lovely. They got me into modelling and I can't thank them enough for all the opportunities they've given me. 

Your favourite models?

Lili Summer, Teddy Quinlivan and Alton Mason

Your favourite New Zealand designers?

My all time favourite will always be Eugenie. Other insane designers that I love dearly are Wynn Hamlyn, Penny Sage, Kate Sylvester, Ovna Ovich, and of course Jarrad Godman. 

Polena Yi

Getty Images - New Zealand Fashion Week

Do you think that NZFW is showing more diversity this year?

There's definitely a long way to go when it comes to diversity and being inclusive in the fashion industry. New Zealand Fashion Week is doing what they can each year to be inclusive and I'm excited to see the industry grow season by season. 

Polena, thank you for your inspiring words. We loved seeing you walk the runway, and we can't wait to catch up at NZFW19! 

model basics. xx 



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