The do's & don'ts when you're hired for a modelling job.

As a model, your job is more than just the photo shoot or the runway show. It’s also about your behavior behind the scenes. If you misbehave, you may not get a second chance with the client. You don’t want to disappoint your agent, as they may be discouraged from finding you new jobs. 

At model basics. we’ve put together some friendly but important tips to ensure that you always get a glowing review. 

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1. Punctuality 

This goes without saying. Ideally, you want to get to a shoot 10-15 minutes before your call time. Smile at the crew, make friends and charm them with your impeccable first impression. There’s nothing worse than having a shoot delayed because a model is late or unprepared. Of course, the shoot may drag on for reasons beyond your control, but at least you’re not remembered for letting the team down. 

2. Attitude

Be dramatic on the runway, not backstage. Be patient and mindful of others. Everyone is working just has hard as you. Don’t complain if you don’t like the clothes you’re given, and don’t suggest any makeup changes. That’s what the designers and artists are for. 

If your personality clashes with another model, or another model makes a nasty comment, keep your cool. Being positive and upbeat will place you in a good light. You’ll be remembered by the crew for being well behaved, and they’ll likely want you back for their next shoot.  

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3. Respect and care 

When you’re on a long shoot, you may be dressed up and down in multiple outfits with long periods of sitting around. However, this doesn’t mean that you can treat the clothes as your own. Care for them as if they aren’t yours. This means, no wearing the clothes when you go out to grab coffee, or eating in them. Get changed, and wipe your hands on your own pants. Trust us, we’ve seen it all! Also be mindful of delicate or stretchy fabrics. Ensure you are in the correct size, and if the fit is awkward or the material will stretch with movement then be very careful. Often the clothes are on loan from a PR showroom or are precious one-off samples. There’s nothing worse than receiving back misshaped or dirty clothes. They will blame it on the models. Awkward. 

4. Phones & photos 

This is a big one. If the shoot is highly confidential, it’s best not to wave your iPhone around and post live updates to your Instagram story. Especially if you signed a waiver. 

Do get on good terms with the shoot photographer so you’re in the know once the photos are released. If you’re allowed to repost any photos to your social media, it’s best not to edit them or use intense filters, you’ll offend the photographer and they probably won’t like you anymore. Also, don’t write anything inappropriate in your captions. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the brand’s PR team or cause a disaster. 

Remember that working in the fashion industry means you come across a range of different people - designers, directors, photographers and other models. If you make a good impression and people say you have a good reputation, you’ll definitely be booked again and again. The industry is all about connections and word of mouth. It’s therefore important to forge professional working relationships and avoid burning bridges. You can thank us later. 

Happy modelling, 

model basics. xx

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