Travel Tips for Models on the Go

From looking at Instagram, the life of a model seems pretty glamorous. Jet-setting between different fashion capitals, walking international runways and attending shoots in exotic places. What more could a model want?
However, in reality, traveling for work isn’t as fabulous as it seems. Think long-haul flights, hours spent in transit and jet lag. The bags under our eyes are real. 
Here at model basics. we have plenty of tips up our sleeve to ensure you get the most out of your next trip out of state. 
1. Keep Hydrated
This is a big one. Firstly, you want to keep your body hydrated with water or low-sugar electrolyte drinks (1 Above is our go to). Keep sipping liquids, on the hour, every hour. Importantly, this will assist with alleviating jet lag and prevent you from feeling like a dried prune when you land at your destination. 
As well as your body, you need to look after your skin. Airport air conditioning is dry and can cause itchiness and irritation. We recommend you keep a small vial of beauty oil or deep hydrating moisturizer, and apply just before boarding. Our go-tos are Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin ProtectantTrilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil, and Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm
For the hair, it’s a great opportunity to chuck in some hydrating serum pre-flight so you step off the plane with shiny but soft locks. Our current favorite is Rossano Ferretti Parma’s Brilliant 11 Protective and Shining Oil
2. Nourish your body
Hands up if you dislike airplane food on long-haul flights? If you’re wanting to avoid processed food high in salt, sugar, and preservatives, and the bloating and constipation that comes afterward, bring your own snacks. Protein and good fats will keep you feeling full and prevent ‘hangryness'. Think avocados, nuts, protein bars and pre-packed veggies & hummus. Another option is to pick the ‘raw vegetarian’ meal. Not as scary as it sounds, it’s literally a bunch of chopped up veggies and fruits. It means you can eat all the other airplane snacks and drinks with content (because we have a thing for chocolate bars and Baileys on ice), knowing that you’re not about to experience a bout of diarrhea mid-flight. 
3. Accessorise
Accessorising isn’t just for the pavement. And no, we’re not talking about a cute bag or necklace. We’re loving the range of travel products out there that really make a difference. First, a quality neck pillow for when you’re sitting in economy class. If you get cold on airplanes, it’s a good idea to wear merino, and bring wool slippers. When it’s sleep time, we're all about the Yala Silk Eyeshades, the perfect travel mask for blocking out all light. Silk is your friend in the sky, providing benefits to your skin by preventing friction and damage. It also seals moisture into your skin. 
We hope that these tips help you to enjoy your next journey, rather than just the destination. If you have any travel tips of your own you'd like to share, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 
Happy flying, 
model basics. xx 

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