What model basics. can teach us about modelling

model basics. is about providing models with tools of the trade. There are so many reasons why models should come prepared with a model kit.

  • Wear the right undergarments. We’re not joking here. If your outfit is see-through under the lights, you don’t want to be caught with the wrong colour, cut or no underwear at all (because you didn’t come prepared).

  • Have your own pair of non-distracting heels that you can comfortably show your walk to casting heels in. We like the ‘walking on air’ look.

  • Snacks snacks snacks! Keep ready-to-eat snacks in your handbag. Models often wait around for hours on end, and it’s not cool to be low on energy or downright hangry. Low-GI nibbles are a model’s saviour as they help preserve your energy. Dare we say it, fainting on the runway is not a good look for models, the designer or the industry.

  • Bring your model kit plus extras. There’s always that one model who asks to borrow your leggings or a strapless bra to avoid being in the firing line. You may not see those leggings again, so make sure you keep your kit in order!

Now that we’ve given you a run-down, let us know your experiences on the runway (whether humorous or cringe-worthy) and what you’ll never forget to put in your kit again. Write into us here!

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