Our story.

model basics. was born out of long days and early mornings scrambling to find nipple covers, running to nearby department stores to pick up seamless nude lingerie the designer is demanding.

We strive to provide models with the best items for their kits at all stages of their careers. Each piece is tested & approved by models for runways, shoots and castings.

Your feedback is essential for us to provide you with the best pieces to pursue your modeling ambitions ❤️. Reach out to us anytime on our contact pageInstagram or Facebook

The story behind model basics.

It all started with a dream to become a model. To be on the cover of magazines and strut down the runway...

As many models will say, after a few shoots and disappointing castings, the road to success wasn't going to be as smooth sailing as one had dreamt! 

The highs and lows that come with modeling are inevitable. Even the most sought-after supermodels today have their stories of rejection and disappointment. 

model basics. was formed from a community of models who have each others back. The reality is, modelling is not at all what the final image looks like in the magazines. To get to that 'image' takes a lot of preparation, support, tears and laughter.

What many models don't know in their early stages is how to come across more presentable. Read our blog post model basics. 101 for why it's important to have your 'model kit' and what's included in this. 

If it doesn't already, your 'model wardrobe' should contain tight-fitting flattering pieces that can take you from casting to casting, with a collection of seamless nude and black underwear to match. model basics. helps you achieve the required model kit so you can let your true nature shine through without any awkward distractions.

The designer's first priority is to ensure their garments look great on you! Your bright pink granny panties with love hearts on them, under the designer's elegant transparent gown, is never a good look. 

As you grow as a model, so will your model kit! Often days can be longer than 12 hours with no real break.  At times you will be sewn into garments and unable to eat, drink or sit down for hours. It's important to be prepared for this and have all the comforts you love nearby. 

AND after these intense long days, you'll get up and do it all over the next day! It's ok, we get it and we feel the exact same! 😉

Don't you worry,  model basics. will be here to help you develop ways to keep your sanity, health & professionalism.


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💋 MB xx