Remaining balance - New digitals for the fashion season! ( May 20th Shoot )

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In this shoot you will get 5 final shots (front, side, close up and full-length shots with a couple smiling!) with 2 looks, makeup and hair done by a clean beauty specialist before the shoot, and a personalised comp card for $149 +  $50 deposit redeemable online at model basics. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 20th May at Welkem Studios, 1417 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 - Studio D. I will be there to greet you, so if you have any issues finding the studio give me a call or message on (206) 631-9045.

What to bring:
Wear an outfit you'd like to shoot your Digitals in. We suggest tight fitting black jeans/leggings, white/black tee or cami, black bikini, with heels. It's so important for casting agents to see these digitals as a true representation of your body & movement. Danny will provide good lighting and find your best angles!

There will also be model basics tees, camis, jeans and heel samples if you want to borrow something at the time.

On the day:
When you arrive, there will be a clean beauty makeup specialist. They'll help assist with minimal makeup if you'd like before your digitals. Bring your own foundation if you are particular about this, or the makeup artist can match your tone on the day!

Model's Parents / Friends:
More than welcome to accompany the models! There's a couch area in the studio, so feel free to grab yourself a coffee from across the road and hang out while we shoot.

See blog post here on our last fresh digitals shoot! 

MB xx